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Sunday departures. (Jan- April)

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Four-person minimum.
1-3 person surcharge schedule covers boat costs only.

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We love the romance of our sea kayaking trips, but the conveniences of big boat trips make the entire experience special. We got it all - shade from the hot sun and cool rain, dining and galley facilities, shower and toilet - and it goes with us everywhere we go. Best of all, this six-day escort boat expedition give a comprehensive look at Tarutao's highlights including Koh Adang and Koh Rawi.

We first explored Tarutao in 1989. Operations began in 1991, and we now know that Tarutao's best locations are all tidal, so each trip is custom planned according to the tides. We won't know your actual program until you book, but you will get the following activities in a custom-designed sequence. This trip includes paddles and treks into Tarutao's interior you won't get any other way. Please understand we do not announce our interior trekking or camping locations to protect their tranquility. We do not announce our camping locations to protect their tranquility.

5/nts beach camping - For almost two decades we've built our reputation on first-class meals and beach camping in an expedition setting. You are also welcome to sleep on-deck on our escort boat, in your tent if you wish. We include waterproof-tested top quality spacious 3-season tents with a heavy-duty 6" double size air mat with built-in pillows and sleeping sheet designed for hot tropical nights.

Our meal plan prepared fresh on the boat is famous for two decades, right down to fresh brewed coffee and gourmet teas. We often buy seafood directly from local fishermen. Groups of four or more use a cabined escort boat complete with dining deck, galley, shower and toilet. Smaller groups are supported by a longtail boat,

Pante Malacca Mangroves - Paddle from Park HQ or take a longtail deep into the Pante Malacca estuary thick with 10-meter mangroves. We usually see Bramany kites, kingfishers, water monitors and crab-eating macaques while paddling our silent kayaks.

Prison - When we first saw the prison, it was rusty metal pieces scattered through the jungle. Today there's a footpath with reconstructed buildings so antiseptic they can never convey the horrors of this island hell. It still makes an interesting story - and the drive (or trek) across Tarutao's highlands is spectacular. From May-November, we land near the Prison.

Honeycomb Hong can be entered safely only from November-May. Once inside, the tall but narrow catacombs extend through many different rock channels, all tidal dependent. One actually makes a hairpin U-turn wit a conveniently located window where you can watch your friends paddling the other way. Honeycomb Hong is another Sotar-exclusive entry.

Klong Son/Survivor Site - Klong Son is a multi-fingered mangrove estuary that is appropriate for paddlecraft only. Motors only scare away the wildlife. From kayaks, we've seen mouse deer, crab-eating macaques, otters and wild pigs that never saw us, as many as a dozen reticulated pythons in one day, fish owls and white belly sea eagles. Fresh water streams behind the mangroves host an entirely different ecosystem including hornbills, dusky Langurs and more wild pigs.

Jungle hike - We spend at least one half-day on a jungle trek. We have three favorites depending upon the seasons - central highlands, east coast and west coast. All are packed with wildlife and thick primary growth evergreen forest, often standing 20 meters or more. When we move quietly, we often surprise wildlife on the trail.

Adang/Rawi - A journey to these outlying islands is the reason for this trip instead of a shorter Tarutao-only itinerary. There are excellent camping beaches, wildlife-filled mountain slopes, superb snorkeling reefs, free-jumping sailfish and even a waterfall.


ITINERARY (Sample only)  Each trip is custom designed with the tides


9000 Meet at Pak Bara pier and depart for Tarutao in our escort boat.
- 60 minute run to Talo Wow Bay. Briefing and snacks along the way.
1000 Prison Visit
1130 Return to Escort Boat.
1200 Lunch underway
1300 North-East East Coast paddle w/ jungle trek
1500 Return to Escort Boat
1600 West Coast Sunset Paddle
1800 Motor to campsite and make camp. Hot dinner on board. Retire to tents.


0700 Hot breakfast w/ brewed coffee & gourmet teas
0800 Motor to Park HQ
0900 Tour Park HQ
1100 Longtail boat to Mangrove estuary and Crocodile Cave
1200 Hot lunch at Crocodile Cave entrance
1230 Explore mangrove estuary
1700 Return to Escort Boat
1800 Arrive at campsite and make camp. Hot Dinner on board. Camping.


0700  Hot breakfast on board w/ fresh brewed coffee and gourmet teas
0800 Arrive mangrove estuary
0830 Paddle Mangrove Estuary with waterfall hike
1200 Field lunch
1400 Return to Escort Boat. Motor to beach camp.
1430 Coastal kayaking near beach camp.
1600 Late afternoon Nature hike
1900 Dinner on Board. Beach camping


0700  Optional sunrise Nature hike and paddle
0800 Hot Breakfast on board while under-way
0930 Arrive Koh Adang. Observe free jumping sailfish.
1130 Motor to Koh Rawi. Coral reef snorkeling.
1230 Lunch on board
1330 Continue snorkeling
1700 Sunset paddle
1830 Return to Escort Boat at pre-set campsite
1930 Dinner on Board. Camping.


0700 Optional sunrise paddle
0800 Hot Breakfast on board while under-way
0900 Koh Adang coastal Paddle and waterfall hike.
1200 Return to escort boat. Motor to Tarutao.
1230 Hot lunch under way.
1400 Return to Tarutao for White Belly Sea Eagle Coastal paddle
1600 Motor to pristine beach. Paddle and interior nature hike.
1800 Arrive at Park HQ. Farewell dinner on board. Beach camping.


0800 Hot breakfast w/ fresh brewed coffee and gourmet teas
0900 Arrive Honeycomb Hong
1100 Return to Escort Boat. Depart for Koh Yai
1200 Lunch underway
1230 Koh Yai Rock garden Paddle
1430 Triple Entry Hong and sea arch
1600 Return to Pak Bara pier. End of JGSC service.

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