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3D/2Nt   **South Thailand**
Sun & Wed Phang Nga Phang Nga Mini-Exp
62,050 29,700 25,100 24,200 24,200 22,000 20,090
Open booking Samui or Tarutao Angthong or Tarutao
79,500 42,000 31,400 25,700 23,100 21,900 19,900

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Dear John Gray,

Maybe its a little bit late, but we would like to thank you for the beautiful time you gave us on our trip last Christmas. We will never forget the pleasure it gave all of us. If we have the possibility we will sure do it again. Would you like to tell the guides we had a nice time with them. They were terrific: respectfull and friendly and the cooking was really delicious. We had a great time.

Caroline ( sister of Pauline) and daughters.

"I knew this trip would be something special (or at least had that sense), but I really didn't know how special. Of course, the 'terrain' is unique and spectacular, but the terrain is available to everyone. What made this trip particularly enjoyable and memorable was the staff. Highly competent, knowledgeable, genuinely friendly and helpful - the staff were wonderful. Also, their service came with a natural sense of humor.

"And then there was the food, simply superb! All in all, I highly recommend this trip to my friends - and will."

Khap Khun Krap!

'I had a wonderful time on my 3-day trip. All the guides were extremely friendly and helpful, fulfilling all our needs without us having to ask. All the guides worked very hard so we could see everything and have a great time. Especially during the low tide, the guides did extra effort so we would not miss anything. All the islands we visited are peaceful and beautiful...

I highly recommend this trip! Leonard

Phang Nga Bay is the most spectacular seascape I have ever seen - better than Norway, the Maine Coast, or the California Coast.

Absolutely the best way to see it is by sea kayak. Kayaking allows you to go into the caves, which lead to the fantastic lagoons inside the islands but open to the sky. These lagoons or "hongs" are surrounded by luxuriant jungle with hornbills, kingfishers, egrets and the occasional monkey.

John Gray's SeaCanoe is the best company to go kayaking with in Phang Nga Bay. The staff is friendly and efficient. The food is amazing. The camping is luxurious. Best of all, they know where to go to catch the tides and avoid the day-trippers.

Hiroshima Shudo University, Japan

Many guidebooks and websites list this "SeaCanoe" classic Mini-Expedition as S.E. Asia's Best Adventure. From our guest comments, it's easy to see why. If you're not convinced yet, go to Overnighter Guest comments

Spend three days/two nights exploring the remarkable and complicated limestone of Phang Nga Bay "The most spectacular seascape I have ever seen." Follow us to our secret spots in hongs, mangrove estuaries, and colorful limestone cliffs filled with White Belly sea eagles, Bramany kites, Brown Fish Owls, several species of kingfishers, three primate species, Water Monitors, sea otters and more.

It's non-stop natural history where the limestone of the classic biology of the Malay Peninsula joins with the sea. No other adventure company knows this Nature like the highly trained staff of John Gray's SeaCanoe, with years of training from academics, naturalists and John Gray - plus their own lifetime of living with these animals. There still isn't a Hong in the Bay that Caveman didn't explore by kayak first. A lifetime raptor rehabber, Gray is constantly releasing birds into the Bay, where we already know resident kingfishers and raptors by name.

Each trip varies with the tides, but we guarantee the Caves and Hongs that Caveman made famous (or was it the other way around), deep hong mangrove paddles, numerous species of wildlife including an excellent variety of sea birds and beautiful honeycomb

Hard-core decked kayakers tell us Phang Nga rivals Alaska, Maine, even Norway, and our Sit-On-Tops are the perfect kayaks for the tropical conditions. In these equatorial waters, all the traditional hand-powered boats are open - not decked. On this trip, you use inflatable Sotars in the tidal caves and Ocean Kayaks for the "open" paddling.

We play the Nature Game throughout your trip. First, we explain why we paddle each particular site - it's much more than just looking at the pretty places. Of course, we focus on the tidal zone, "that magic energy where land, sea and air intertwine", as Caveman says. "It's where our ancestors climbed from sea to land." As we paddle, we look for everything we explained in advance. Dialogue with your guides focuses on the sighting rather than the background, which you already learned. At paddle's end, you fill in your log, play the game and hopefully win your prize.

We now offer an Introduction to Tropical Kayaking on each Wings and Mini-Expedition trip. Equivalent to the American Canoe Assn. or British Canoe Union 2-day intro credentials, our program concentrates on warm water. It's much better than the standard two-day course - your classroom is your escort boat in transit, and your in-water training is accomplished during your guided paddles. If you live in those chilly climates Caveman left behind, we provide references to decked kayak paddling schools near your home.

We offer two different escort boat options.

- General Adventurers and families prefer the large escort boat with shower, toilet
and dining deck at B21,000 for three days, two nights. Most folks still beach camp,
but you can sleep on-deck on the escort boat if we have a group.

- Hard-core adventurers and serious sea kayakers prefer the Fast Longtail format.
The boat is cabined, traditional in design, close to the water and fast. There is no
shower and toilet, and we eat the same meal plan, but on the beach.
Ask our reservations department directly about this fun traditional-style option.

Our meal plan is famous for the past 22 years - on the beach or the boat, our meal plan is as good as it gets in any restaurant or hotel. Many guests say the food is even better because the "restaurant" is in beautiful nature. We carefully shop our Thai seafood meal plan, and do not buy shrimp or fish from farms, but only from Longtail boat fishermen working with legal nets and fish traps.

Mini Expedition Route map


Day 1

Pick-up Phuket airport or resort
Depart Ao Po, Phang Nga Bay paddle and Lunch
Afternoon caving in Phang Nga Bay - Lunch/Dinner w/Sunset trip boat Camp Koh Penak (w/ Hong by night)

Day 2 Honeymoon Hong and Hong Yai - afternoon paddle at Koh Bele' and camp
Day 3 Koh Bele' and Talin - Koh Pak Bia and return to Ao Po.
Transfer to hotel.

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