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Hong By StarlightHong By Starlight - Thai version
Day In the Islands

With Escort Boat

Phang Nga Bay
Koh Surin


Tarutao Escort Boat 6D/5N
Wings of the White Belly Sea Eagle

Day-By Day in Phang Nga Bay
Expedition Express Self-paddle 2D/1N
Tarutao Circumnavigation 6D/5N


Legitimate sea kayak operators around the world would rather die than copy - but in Phuket alone, we have about 20 imitators, the only country known to have this problem. The worst part is that none of them are kayakers or naturalists, and don't care to learn.


South Thailand weather is fairly reliable. November through February is fair and sunny, almost no rain and then at night. March and April are hot and sunny - locals pray for rain. May and June are rainy, July isn't so bad until mid-August, and then it's rainy again until November.

The Land of Smiles is home to our great all-Thai staff. English is commonly spoken, unless you need an English-speaker. Don Muang is the hub airport for Indochina and Thai Airways is very professional.

Bangkok and Phuket have every hotel and restaurant standard, and Hat Yai has excellent four-star values. Phuket still has great beaches once you get away from Patong. Many private Thai hospitals are Western standard, with doctors educated in England and America. Transportation and communications infrastructure is excellent. The tourism industry is well developed, and there are plenty of tourist traps, "exotic" nightlife and copycat merchandise.

The National Geographic Handbook

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