"When darkness had fallen on John Gray's SeaCanoe trip, we paddled through a tunnel and into one of the lagoons."

Stars shone overhead in the circle of black night, fireflies flashed in the Cliffside jungle and, most magical of all, the sea glowed with phosphorescence. In silence, we threw on to the sea "Kratong" that we had made - floating Buddhist prayers of orchids, lit with candles and incense.

Let there be peace."

December 28, 2002
The Guardian (UK)

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Children 11-6 - B1,975
Children under 5 - Free

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From 38,750 (1-4 guests)

Information about prices concerning groups consisting out of more than 4 people can be communicated on request.

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"A spiritual experience"
The Guardian (UK), Jan. 2003

"Making and then offering our own Kratong by kayak was totally spiritual. After the candles went out, nobody said a word as we just relaxed and floated into another Hong. The feeling was so special nobody wanted to finish the trip.
" Jerry and Arlette Jones, Nov. 19, 2002

"I'm somewhere between Narita and Honolulu in the middle of the night. When I try to sleep, all I can see is Hong by Starlight - the high point of my lifetime of travels.
" Steve Rowe, July 2002

".it seemed we were paddling through a sea of fireflies, a truly magical and out of this world experience. We linger, and wonder with awe."
The Nation, May 4, 2002

"It was a thrilling moment... I came to realize there is beauty all around us and it unfolds itself at the right time. What we cannot see does not necessarily mean it does not exist."
Bangkok Post, Horizons, May 2, 2002

". in the middle of the lagoon, far from humanity, time stops, your mind clears; the experience verges on the mystical."
Benjarong: - May 2002

"Thank you very much for the most wonderful trip I've been on. I'm still on your boat on the way back to Phuket while writing this. My wife and I are so thrilled with the adventure, we plan on coming again with a group of friends. Your team were friendly and delightful. The food was incredibly delicious and fresh. And the main event itself, the sea cave and Hong exploration is simply magnificent! Again, our thanks to you for this experience. Hope to see you and your team next year."
The Malaysian couple,Ammar and Bibi

This Caveman creation finishes the movie others call the Sunset trip. Depart your hotel at mid-day for a quiet afternoon of nature, sea cave/Hong exploration and a superb Thai Seafood Sunset dinner. In the late afternoon, you experience the tranquility of real Nature and enjoy the "Time Machine" ambiance that made the hongs famous in the first place. The "Wonderful Time of Day" accentuates the ambiance even more than our decade-old original day trips.

Then after dark, things get mystical - beyond description and imagination.

Even before we started "Every Night Is Loi Kratong", the clippings say it all - so does everybody who lives the feeling. Hong by Starlight is the latest Don't Miss spiritual experience in a string of Caveman Creations beginning on Moloka'i in 1983. This mind-bender is so off-the-Hong-Wall that Caveman thinks it is better in Monsoon season. The darker the better the bio-lumiscence, and lightening and thunder amplify the mysticism.

High Season clear nights include stars so bright they carpet the sky. That's when we enjoy Loi Kratong, a Thai water festival celebration with floats laden with flowers, candles and incense.

Motoring to the Bay takes about an hour. With trip briefing, Nature Game instructions and light lunch we make the first cave before you know it. In transit, we pass a couple of dozen day trip boats on their way back to Phuket. The Bay is almost empty when you arrive at the sea caves.

Spend an uncrowded afternoon exploring several cave/hong systems. You learn what made these unique sites, the wildlife within them, and the Eco-system bringing it all together. In the late afternoon, you experience the tranquility of real Nature, and enjoy the "Time Machine" ambiance that made the hongs famous in the first place. We are slaves to the tides, but you usually get at least four different caves and hongs, swimming time and a free paddle before Sunset.

The Benjarong writer gave up dinner for more Hong time, so we now motor to our special viewing spot for our famous Thai Seafood buffet dinner during a spectacular Phang Nga Bay Sunset. After dinner, you make your own Kratong with assistance from our all-Thai staff. Once daylight totally disappears, we return to a Lost in Space
Hong you visited earlier in the afternoon to launch your Kratong.

No torches and no talking - three natural light sources and one special feeling create a lifetime memorable moment. Everybody always wants to stay forever.

For dessert, we retreat to the moon deck where you and your guide compare Thai and Western constellations and their legends until you arrive at the dock.

NATURE GAME - Caveman wrote and copyrighted "The Nature Game" in 2000, turning your entire day into a fun Unforgettable Honeymoon Moment game where you get much more from your day than you ever expected. You get a full color Phang Nga nature guidebook for the game. Get more value from your trip by asking non-stop questions of your English-speaking guide. Along the way, we hope you learn a few things about our Nature.and your role in the Movie of the Universe.

Hong By Starlight route map


1230-1300 Hotel Pick-up
1330 Arrive Ao Po and board our modern twin-engine escort boat
Thai-style light lunch, trip and Nature Game briefing.
1430 Arrive first island and explore 1-2 caves and hongs
1530 Return to the escort boat and move to the second island
1600 Explore two more caves and hongs
1800 Self-paddle, swimming and make your own Kratong while waiting for the sunset.
Thai seafood buffet dinner during Phang Nga Bay Sunset.
1900 Return to a previously visited Hong after dark and launch your own Kratong
2000 Depart for Ao Po. Thai Seafood buffet dinner.
Play Star Games on the Starlight deck.
2100 Arrive Ao Po and transfer to your mini-van.
2130-2200 Book NowDrop off at your hotel. End of JGSC service.

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