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2D/1Nt   ***Expedition***
Open Booking Phang Nga Exp Expres w/ Boat 17,970 12,755 11,400 10,500 10,500 10,500 10,500

Talin or Ao Nang, Krabi Drop-off B 2,500 flat rate petrol charge only

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I'm back in Los Angeles, missing southern Thailand. My friend and I had such a great time on the 2D/1N Self Paddle. There were many awesome parts to it, but one of my favorites was kayaking around Koh Panak with our guides (Nat and Eak) early in the morning before anyone else was around. We were able to go into all the caves and sit in the peaceful hongs alone with only the cicadas, birds and drip drops of water for company. At one point, Nat and I went through Diamond Cave and sat in the hong without speaking for such a wonderful, long time that I thought I'd get lost in the beauty forever. We just sat and listened to nature. It seemed that Nat was as enamored as I was, as occasionally, our eyes would meet while we silently took it all in. I was softly brought back to reality when Nat whispered, "Tide coming in. We go now."

The Starlight Tour is a fantastic way to spend the day and to see a very special part of southern Thailand, but I recommend going a step further and doing one of the overnight trips (which include the Starlight Tour). You camp right on the beach and everything is set up and prepared for you by your guides. This is also an excellent opportunity to get closer to the real Thailand, as you sit around the fire with locals who are passionate about their country. Their English is great and we even learned a little Thai in the process!

Everyone with John Gray's Sea Canoe is dedicated to both protecting the environment and providing the best experience possible for the visitor. As other posters have mentioned, the food is spectacular, the guides are knowledgeable and devoted and the trip will certainly be in your memories forever.

Don't miss out!
Trip Advisor

"We both agree that the Expedition Overnighter was the highlight of our honeymoon. "Phang Nga Bay was everything we expected, and more. We loved it all--the hongs, the starlight trip, kayaking through the canyons, and the beautiful scenery!

"Our guide and assistant were fun and extremely nice. We couldn't have asked for a better crew!
Thank you so much. And please pass on our appreciation.
" Mitchell and Jessica

"Thank you for the marvelous impressions from the Phang Nga area, which you showed us in two days. It was really the highlight of the 5 1/2 weeks, we had in Thailand and Bali. My memories are so strong and vivid.Many many thanks from my family and me. We shall never forget our trip."

Dr. Bernd Scherer, Park Director
Nationalparkamt Schloßgarten 1, D-25832 Tönning

Expedition Express is the trip for

  • Limited budgets

  • Phuket-Krabi overnight transits

  • Folks with hotels already booked

  • People who want to try one night "on expedition"

Hongs by Day, Hongs by Night, beach camping under the stars, the Krabi sunrise, and rarely visited exotic limestone islands in the far reaches of the East Bay - the Expedition Express is a rapid-fire overview of Phang Nga's World Class Natural Drama.

A Week-End Getaway for regional adventurers, an overnight transfer to Krabi, or a night out of crazy Patong, the Expedition Express packs your brain with a minimum Twenty-Eight Hours of Top Quality Adventure. Guest comments include "My best trip in twenty years in Thailand", "Definitely our Honeymoon Highlight", "Better than Alaska", etc. but don't believe us, just check out our guest comments log.

Dazzle your mind by combining the "Classic Day Trip" or "Hong by Starlight" with guided overnight beach camping in Phang Nga Bay followed the next morning by a Day in the Islands circumnavigation of greater Phang Nga Bay. Packed with exotic Thai marine limestone, both sides of the Bay are completely different. A "Caves and Hongs" theme rules the first day, while the second day is a "Monument Valley sunken in the Sea". One guest called it "Better than an Ice Cream shop - Six Different Flavors Each Day".

Depart you Phuket hotel at 0800 (Classic Day trip) or 1330 (Starlight trip) on Day One and return to your Phuket or Krabi hotel by 1730 on Day Two.
Airport pick-ups available at no extra cost.

Expedition Express Route map



Hotel Pick-Up (Classic Day Trip)
This schedule joins our Classic Caves and Hongs day trip for a full day exploring Phang Nga Bay's caves and hongs. At 3PM, we deposit you at your campsite with guide, kayaks and camping gear. You make camp and enjoy a Sunset self-paddle followed by a Thai seafood beach B-B-Q and starlight camping. You can paddle a Hong by Starlight, but it may be late.

1330 - 2000

Hotel Pick-Up (Hong by Starlight)
With favorable tides later in the day, we pick you up right after lunch (or directly from the airport) to join our Hong by Starlight program. Start by exploring Phang Nga's caves and hongs in the uncrowned afternoon.

We enjoy the Sunset with a great Thai seafood buffet, and then re-enter the caves and hongs after dark for the very special Hong by Starlight experience. No torches please - three natural light sources and one special feeling create a lifetime memorable moment.

2000 - 0600

Phang Nga Camping with JGSC guide. We drop you off at your beach campsite for a relaxing evening under the stars.


0600 Sunrise over Krabi
0700 - 0730 Full Breakfast w/ fresh brewed coffee, gourmet breadbasket, muesli and fruit. Egg dishes or traditional Thai breakfast by request.
0730 - 0930 Morning Phang Nga Bay paddle. Finish before the crowds arrive
0930 Your Fast Longtail boat arrives to explore the Krabi side of Phang Nga Bay with our Day in the Islands itinerary. With advance notice, we can drop you off in Krabi. Circumnavigate the Bay in just one day in our "fast longtail" escort Boat - traditional, cabined, close to the water - and fast. Throw some kayaks on the cabin and "pai teau" (just go) with a small group of good people, two great guides and a Bay filled with bizarre and dramatic limestone. We explore at least three remote islands by kayak and enjoy a top quality Traditional Thai lunch - (well, it is just a bit Farang style).
1000 Arrive First Island and circumnavigate
1100 Return to Escort boat and move to Second Island
1130 Arrive second island, with excellent white sand beaches and two pair of white belly sea eagle. Circumnavigate by kayak.
1230 Traditional Thai picnic lunch, Farang style - a cultural experience Our food sets the standard.
1330 Move to Third Island,
1400 Circumnavigate the island by kayak and paddle into a Hong
1530 Return to escort boat and depart for Ao Po or Ao Nang
1630 Arrive Ao Po and transfer to mini-van. Ao Nang drop off in front
1730 Arrive your hotel. End of JGSC service

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