Phra Asada Maha Chedi (Right side)
Phra Asada Maha Chedi (Right side)
Location: The Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Grand Palace, Bangkok, Thailand
The “Eight Prangs” The form of a Thai Prang (tower) derives from the Khmer prasat, but whereas a prasat is “a residence of a king or a god,” a prang has the same function as a chedi. The “Eight Prangs” are of different colours. Each one is dedicated to a certain Buddhist concept, as follows:

White: The Buddha Sakayamuni

Purplish Blue: The Teaching of the Buddha

Pink: The Community of Buddhist Monks

Green : The Buddhist Female Monks

Purple: One who has attained nirvana but who is not able to preach the knowledge to men (P. pacceka-buddha)

Dark Blue: The Universal Monarchs

Red: The Buddha in his Former Lives

Yellow: The Buddha Maitreya, the Future Buddha
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