Eliza and her family, 2D1N Seacanoe Expedition trip, 29-30 July, 2008
Eliza and her family, 2D1N Seacanoe Expedition trip, 29-30 July, 2008
Location: Phang Nga Bay, Thailand
Dear John and Sonnie,

We would like to thank you for the great experience we had in Phrang Nga Bay (2D1N Seacanoe Expedition trip, 29-30 July, 2008). Without it our Phuket trip would just be another boring experience of beach and hotel and would soon escape from our memory.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and heartfelt thanks to your guide Sonnie and his assistant Alex. Their experience and expertise are truly great assess to your company. We were, unexpectedly, quite a difficult group: Lee the nature-loving father had hurt his hip and leg just a day before, Norman the boy was determined to see that this canoe trip was no difference from the camps he used to have, Oma the young lady, being inactive for years, preferred to be served whenever possible, and I , as a dissatisfied mother and worried wife, must have borne a frustrating look from time to time... such a group combination would have sent any expedition trip a death sentence. Yet, Sonnie, your joyful good nature, your experience and expertise and your determination to bring us a memorable experience have made the difference. In the end, we all enjoyed the trip very much. Oma said if she had spent more days with you, she would have cried when it was time to part; Norman admitted this canoe trip was more relaxing than the camps he had; Lee and I enjoyed everything about the whole trip - the scenery, the feeling of possessing a private island, and the delicious sea food...

And Alex, I am also grateful to your efforts in caring us and making us happy.

So thanks again for everything and hope one day we will meet you, John, in Halong Bay or Fiji.

Eliza and her family
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