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Colugo (Flying Lemur) Cynocephalus variegates

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In July 2003 a baby Flying Lemur found became quite active after Sunset and its way to our Kathu house. In the after- was released at 0130AM in a jungle noon, the exotic nocturnal mammal was banana patch near it's family, improving sleepy and lethargic, but the Colugo the odds of a successful reintroduction


Serpent Eagle

Serpent Eagle - Rehab 2003 Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery >>

This guy flew into a Phuket Town win- headache. Rehabbing this exotic snake- dow, resulting in CNS damage. The eater was a real treat, but on Day 5 we Vet and I were skeptical and Day 2 released a healthy bird. First flight was looked bad, but it was just a 3-Day. 300 meters to another serpent eagle.

BROWN FISH OWL (Infant) Ketupa zeylonensis

Brownie ketupa zaylonensis (Brown Fish Owl)

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Althea and Howard Cant brought us a baby Fish Owl that fell from its nest one day to early, so we fattened up the owl until it could fly. The baby was the same species as Brownie, the successful 2000 broken wing rehabilitation (left). Since we knew the infant's tree, the evening release was Magic - a rare moment of great joy when the excited infant realized it was actually going home to its family.


Common Buzzard

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Buzzards migrate to and through Thailand in the winter, so it was no surprise when I got a call in early January, 2003 that a sickly hawk-bird was laying on the ground fighting off dogs at Ya Nui Beach. I got her to box it and bring it to me, and now we had a buzzard.

haliaeetus leucogaster

White Sea Eagle

Baby, The White Belly Sea Eagle Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery >>

On a scalding hot March day, my animal protection network summoned me to the Koh Saray shipyard where I found a sheet of tin roofing sitting in the open sun on a six-inch ring of chicken wire. The tin was to hot to touch, so I flipped it off with a stick; sure enough, a brown baby eagle was flattened on the dirt to escape touching the hot tin. The book might say that eagles don't sweat, but this two-month old baby's feathers were wet with sweat. It was obviously weak, unable to move, let alone stand.

The baby had a long journey before it becomes a majestic adult like our mascot Matilda, the Hook-Beaked sea Eagle displaying her fully-grown colors just meters over Sin Daam Rong. White Belly Sea Eagles live 30 years and take five years for the adults striking full coloration to develop. Until then, infant and juvenile eagles display a camouflage brown color mix so they blend into terrestrial surroundings. Fully-fledged sea hunters display a white belly with dark after wings.


Lohngie the White Belly Sea Eagle

Lohngie the White Belly Sea Eagle Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery >>

Two Thai's ran through the rubber next to my jungle home, looking to the treetops. I thought they were squirrel hunting and yelled at them to stop hunting, but then saw they had no gun. I found it a bit strange and forgot it.

A month later, the neighborhood lush saw a white belly in the rubber trees and shot it with a slingshot, then put it on display in front of his house with an asking price of B2,000 (US$55). The bird's left wing joint was damaged by the slingshot, but would repair naturally. The real damage was the severely cropped tertiaries, feathers that give the eagle lift and gliding surfaces.

"You have the potential to transform even the worst situation
into the greatest opportunity."

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