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Most of our guides have ten years or more seniority, so we do First Aid/CPR every other year. When we do, we close the company for the day and even the company driver attends - after all, driving Phuket's roads, he's the one who needs it the most.

Mission Hospital does a really great job at a reasonable price. So does Phuket International Hospital. With two reasonable and legitimate training providers there's no excuse for any company forsaking First Aid/CPR training for their lead guides. Most of our competitors employ a lead guide (with no formal training in an discipline) and hire untrained day labor from the villages. Dipping into a labor pool, it's difficult to provide trained guides, but it is cheap and the owners make far more money than John Gray's SeaCanoe. (We will invite you to the party when we "get out of the red".

The Mission program is great. They train our entire company - unlimited students - for B5,000 (about US$125.), including a snack and lunch break with that wholesome Adventist Health Food.

The morning is devoted to comprehensive First Aid covering almost any situation. What I like best is that every student must demonstrate their skills to two training nurses, with another hospital staff standing by with a check list to verify each student actually accomplished the procedures.

After lunch they break out the CPR dummy and go through both single and double CPR techniques. Finally, there's a recap and then the graduation ceremony.

A lifelong waterman and high surf lifeguard, I believe in :Layers of Safety", caffertyfile@cnn.com

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