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Coron - Sea Kayaking the Philippines last frontier Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery >>

When I started SCUBA diving in 1957, the Central Pacific from Hawai'i to the Great Barrier Reef was the water wonderland. The vast blue ocean was peppered with idyllic islands, colorful coral reefs and the legends of ichthyologist Jeanie Clark.

The region's crown jewel was the 7,000 island newly-formed Philippine nation.
On land, brutal Spanish colonialists ravaged both humanity and environment for four hundred years, but the water wonders remained. Every 60's SCUBA diver's dream was to explore Filipino reefs.

In 1988, with my SCUBA, sea cave kayaking and EMMY award credentials, the Philippines Tourist Board asked me to produce a documentary on 9-kilometer St. Paul's Underground River. A series of Makati coup attempts killed that idea, but I became intrigued with S.E. Asia's Marine limestone. After non-stop coups I ended up in Phang Nga Bay, but never forgot the frontier island of Palawan.

By my 1995 exploration, Palawan still retained its untouched beauty. I surveyed Palawan from Puerto Princesa to Coron, and I'm still in awe of both locations - majestic yet delicate Coron Island protected by its original Tagbanua culture, awarded the Philippines first Indigenous Land Rights Deed in 1998; and Puerto Princesa by the world-renowned environmental administration of Mayor Edward Hagedorn.

Some of the following images are from that original 1995 survey - even El Nido, which didn't make the cut.

In Coron, Rannie Dulay is the ultimate survivor, lasting out a string of uncaring partners, broken promises and a broken market that killed our original company. Today this passionate and experienced sea kayaker/environmentalist and his buddy Toto continue 12 years of Coron kayaking with his company "Sea Trekker"  http:/www.sea-trekker.com You can connect with Rannie for an excellent multi-day paddle around Coron Island at radulayph@yahoo.com

In the Environmental Wonderland called Puerto Princesa, Ernie Lim and his son are just starting their sea kayaking operation. Princesa's Renaissance Man, Ernie constantly explores Princesa's unique wilderness, paddling long rivers and both east and West Coastlines. Ernie's an excellent cook, and makes his own kayaks.

To try Ernie's Puerto Princesa adventures, email biloy6@yahoo.com

Build your dream sea kayaking adventure around the schedule of the Superferry  from Manila. Overnight to Coron where you kayak with Rannie and wreck dive with personable and professional Gunter Bernert of Discovery Divers, then cruise on to Princesa to explore St. Paul's, Sabang, Ulugan Bay and Honda Bay - plus those great rivers - with Ernie.

That format is so hot that every February 1-14 we run our own Coron-Princesa Adventure in concert with Rannie and Ernie, finishing by planting mangroves at Puerto Princesa's Valentine's Day "Love Affair With Nature" celebrations. See (link). For that one, send me an email - info@johngrayseacanoevietnam.com

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